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Minneapolis Catering Website Design Ideas

You eat with your eyes first – that means your website design needs to have professional looking food images.

This will draw the users attention & trigger emotion, which is especially important for a catering or food industry website. It goes back to the old adage if your foods looks unappetizing often you’re not going to eat it. We rely on our vision to identify what foods look good to us.

Use professional food pictures

If you look at the best catering websites you’ll find professional looking pictures. Images are a great way to showcase your food so customers know exactly what they are getting.

In other words, your pictures contribute to the visual impact and will help the user make decision on ordering. If you have the budget hire a professional food photographer to take pictures. Note: I can recommend you local Minneapolis photographers.

The cost of investing in a new website and professional photography should pay for itself in increased online sales.

The best catering websites have these website elements in common.

The majority of top catering websites share:

  • User-friendly design
  • Clean and simple
  • Amazing food photos
  • Good branding (logo, colors, fonts)
  • Clarity of information
  • Performance & Security

Write effective Website Content

Make sure the information on your website is clear and immediate. You litery have seconds to get the users attention once they land on your website.

4 Tips of writing content for your website

  1.  Know your audience (What are they searching for?)
  2.  The most important messages goes at the top (Create a call to action)
  3.  Write short, simple sentences (Make text scannable).
  4.  Think and write in a active voice, not passive.

Example of Passive vs. Active: “Food can be ordered on our website,” say “You can order food on our website.”

However the exception for a catering website would be the menu. I recommend descriptive menu items backed by photos if possible.

More tips and suggestions for website content

Does your catering website need a facelift or redesign?

Gasman design can help you become more successful online by increase traffic to your website. It starts with creating an effective strategy and call to action to hook them.

Ultimately, developing a new design that helps meet your online goals and objectives.

Read my blog post: Minneapolis Website Design with SWOT Analysis – Using SWOT Analysis for Website Design Strategy.

How do you attract new customers to your catering website?

After the the redesign of your website we can take it a step further with on-site SEO work, paid Google search, social media advertising, blog articles or social media promotions.

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