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Corey Gasman, freelance web designer in Minneapolis

Who I Am – A Creative Freelance Web Designer in Minneapolis

Hi, I’m Corey Gasman a freelance web designer and front-end developer.

Since 2009 I’ve worked with a wide range of companies and startups. I focus on designing engaging websites that help archive online goals.

I’ve been a Graphic Designer, Art Director & Creative Director

My work experience started as a graphic designer for the Minnesota Timberwolves were I worked with comapines and sponsors like 3M, Target, Miller Brewing and PepsiCo.

In addition, I worked on all the Timberwolves marketing: website, advertising, media guide, game program, photo shoots, signage and sales presentations.

After the Wolves I moved onto Touchpoint Media for 9 years as an Art Director and eventually as their Creative Director.

During the financial crisis of 2007-2008, I was laid off as Creative Director because our clients pulled back on advertising and marketing.

As a result I started my own design company Gasman Design in 2009. Since then I’ve help dozens of companies improve their design, branding and marketing.

Focusing on Web Design Using WordPress

More importantly in the last five years I’ve started to focus on responsive website design using WordPress because it gives me the power to utilized all my creative and design skills. As a result I’m able to deliver professional looking sites, on brand, that are mobile friendly and easy to use.

SEO Coach & Learning about Google search

Diving deeper into website design and development I’ve started to build my Search Engine Optimization (SEO) chops. I help companies with keyword search, researching their online competition and creating a content strategy. I’ve been learning SEO from comapines like Yoast SEO, Google Search Console or Moz.com.

Example article about Local SEO from MOZ: Follow the Local SEO Leaders: A Guide to Our Industry’s Best Publications

What I do – Create Engaging Websites

The objective is to get to know your brand and company inside and out. It starts with my Discovery Worksheet were you provide me with insights into your business that helps guide content strategy, online goals and actionable design recommendations.

My 6 Step Process to Web Design

    1. Discovery
    2. Architecture (site map)
    3. Design
    4. Development (WordPress)
    5. SEO and Content Strategy
    6. Testing & Launch

User-friendly Website Design

Best web designer in MinneapolisI create beautiful user-friendly websites for my clients. When it’s time to build, I integrate the unique design into WordPress to custom build the site depending on your needs.

Mostly, I prefer to work on custom website designs, rebuild or rebrands. I can really provide the most value and quality to starting with a fresh design or your website, so I don’t tend to take on small incremental work or just fixing existing sites.

Network of professionals to complete the digital marketing package

Over the years, my network of partners has grown to include back-end developers, copywriters, photographers, Videographers and SEO specialists so I can scale up or down any website project based on your goals and objectives.

Read more about my web design and marketing services

Website Fees, Costs & Estimates

I almost always work on a flat fee basis for each website project, so I’ll quote you a single project price, half will be due up front and the other half upon completion.

Every project is different, so I don’t have a set range or price list, but if you contact me with a detailed description of your project I’ll get back to you a proposal.

Let’s Get Started Today!

If you have a website project in mind you think I’d be a good fit for you it’s best to shoot me an email to corey@gasmandesign.com and tell me about your web project.