New Q Consulting Website Design

New Website Design for Q Consulting based in Minneapolis, MN

Q consulting came to Gasman Design to overhaul their website and bring it up to speed for 2020.

It started with a new website strategy. Website:

Phase 1

1. Establish Goals & Objectives for the new website.

– Goals: Overall vision, long term success and results.
– Objectives: Narrow in scope or specific steps to achieve said goals.

2. Determine a branding strategy.

3. Define their target customer(s). Which in their case it was both Consultants and Companies.

4. Competitor analysis and keyword research.

– We asked what questions and answers are your customers looking for online?
– How can Q Consulting as an experts in their chosen industry help them?
– What sets Q Consulting apart from its competitors?

5. Then on the homepage we set their Value proposition and call to actions (CTA).

– The CTA communicates the unique value their potential customer is going to get by acting on it
– We created 2 pathways for the users: “Become a Consultant” and “Hire a Consultant”.
– Why? Because they’re changing the face of IT and Management Consulting.
– Plus, they are experts within Recruiting, Sales, Operations and Leadership.

6. Content strategy: Write great copy, optimized for search engine optimization (SEO).

7. Develop a professional, responsive website that is mobile friendly and easy to navigate.

8. Added SEO tools to the site and tracking (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Title tags, ALT tags and Meta descriptions).

9. Set up and optimize their Google Business listing and look at other directories or resources for listing the website.

10. Continue to create content based on research and tracking: Blog posts, videos, product news, FAQs, case studies, etc…

11. Share the new blog posts to social media channels/pages and email Newsletters (I can design new templates in MailChimp).

If you are a Consulting company in Minneapolis looking for a new website please contact Gasman Design at (612) 643-0650 or request a free quote.