4 SEO Tips

4 SEO Tips

SEO Tips and Strategies

The information that is displayed on Google search needs to be compelling enough for a user to click on the link to your website. Before that your website needs to be found in search engines. I hope this blog post helps you understand how to improve your company’s search visibility.

To me a great SEO strategy starts with on-site optimization in coordination with focused keywords and content. I only use time tested proven techniques based on Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. Hence, my strategies come straight from the Google guidelines.

I always tell my clients that “content is king.” If you serve up the best content and answers for actual online customer searches the more likely your site will rank well on Google. Therefore, you need to become the expert in your industry. If you give your clients the information and answers to what they are looking for the more likely Google will serve up your sites content.

My 4 Tips for Small Businesses, Web Designers and Developers

#1) Content is the most important tool for SEO strategy

  • Each page on your website needs to be optimized with relevant keywords and content.
  • Use the right keywords (I recommend using keyword research tools: Google’s Keyword Planner or Moz Keyword Explorer).
  • Keywords need to be in your page title and should be used natural in the subheadings and paragraphs (3-4 times per page).
  • Blogs are great ways to add fresh unique content to your site about your business.

Don’t: Use keywords in every sentence or try to force them into your content. They should be used naturally and sprinkled through your content that is easy to read. “Keyword stuffing” will not help you in 2019, trust me.

#2) On-page Optimization: Now that you have your content dialed in maximize the search value.

  • SEO focused titles and subheads using the best keywords based on your research.
  • Meta Descriptions which summarizes your page content for search engines. See image
  • ALT tags for images: these are descriptions of your images for search engines. Applying alt tags can positively impact rankings.
  • Use a SEO plugin tool like Yoast SEO or SEMrush. Helps with XML site maps, writing titles and meta descriptions.
    2019 SEO Tip: Meta Description

More reading: Beginner’s Guide to SEO: On-Page Optimization from Moz

#3) Improve Your Site Speed

  • Improving website load times is an important factor in page rankings.
  • Google has a new tool called PageSpeed Insights that helps you troubleshoot speed issues. Test your sites speed
  • Optimize your web images for search engines before you even upload them to your site.
  • It’s really important to reduce file size and choose the right file name before you upload them (I use Photoshop “Save for web” feature)
  • There are some good WordPress plugins to help you optimize your web images: WP Smush or SEO Friendly Images
  • Browser Caching: I host all my sites with WP Engine who have world class Caching tools. You can also use: W3 Total Cache
  • For web developers and designers: Use clean JavaScript and CSS code. A good WP plugin to help you: Autoptimize

SEO advice for Mobile by Google#4) Mobile Optimization: Mobile is 50% of online users*

* Source: Statcounter: Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet Market Share Worldwide


SEO is more important than ever to help your business be found online.

I tell all my clients SEO needs to be part of their digital marketing strategy.

So, follow my 4 SEO tips and improve your online visibility and reach new consumers as they’re searching for information and answers.

If you’re ready to jump start your website ranking and ultimately gain new business contact me.

For more SEO information about On-page SEO strategy please read my blog “How to Optimizing Individual Web Pages to Rank Higher”.