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Financial Advisor Websites: Best of 2024

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I’ve work with two different advisors this year looking for professionally designed websites that capture the voice and ideas of their business. Comparatively to hiring a costly design firm Gasman Design is a much more personable and affordable solution.

I help financial companies develop user friendly, professional sites that generates new leads. These websites acts like a powerful marketing tool and ultimately have the potential to generate new business. It’s an understatement to say that I can improve upon your website design and on-site SEO because of over 25 years experience.

1. One Life Financial Group Website Project & Redesign

Brian Lahr, President of One Life Financial Group asked me to help him redesign his website after I had helped him with different marketing materials. He was using a company who specializes in websites for financial advisors. Not only did this cost more money, but the templates were outdated and hard to work with. In addition, they were using duplicated content from many other Financial Advisors sites which can hurt your Google rankings and SEO.

A Robust & Modern Website for One Life Financial Group

Financial planning website design-2019

The website truly showcased all that Brian does for his clients – with old statements and icons that helping visitors clearly understand their firm’s process and what type of financial planning and life coaching he provides.

More specifically, their “One Life Process” page  breaks it down into 3 easy to follow steps: Dreams, Means and Action. This page design works because it simply breaks down what prospective clients can expect when first engaging with One Life. The easy to understand One Life Process graphic at top symbolize their process in an effective visual tool.

2. Boria Wealth Management, A New Financial Planning Company

The Boria Wealth Management website focused on a really clean design and simple concept: “With the right blueprint, anything is possible”. The “Financial Services” page breaks down the blueprint design into 6 parts. This makes it easy for potential clients to scran and digest their strategy for Investments, Retirement, Management and Planning.

Simple Web Design is Timeless

Wealth management website design

Web users will determine the credibility of a business by its website design within seconds. Research shows that a professionally looking, clean and clear designs are highly effective. It’s no secret that internet users don’t read every word on your website. So with the Boria Wealth Management site design it was important to remove unnecessary elements casing users to only focus on what’s important.

Six Successful Website Ideas for Financial Planner Websites

All successful websites have six key elements in common. Most importantly good design that is easy to navigate and understand.

1. Make A Good First Impression

You need a professional looking website because people will make snap judgments about your business within seconds.

2. Content is King

It’s really important for websites to have relevant and helpful content that makes your busy trust worthy of their business. This is especially true for financial planners or advisors since they will be trusted with a clients money.

3. Powerful Visuals

Professional design, engaging photos, simple graphics, modern and clean.

4. Branding & Identity

Clear and focused design that carries throughout all your marketing materials, including your website and online presence.

5. Easy-to-Navigate Menu
Your navigation menu is how your users typically find information on your site. It needs to be easy to use and navigate called “User-Friendly”. This is especially important with mobile optimization and layouts because 50% of web users now are using their mobile devices to surf the internet.

6. Create Calls to Action (CTA)
Ask yourself what do you want the website user to ultimately do? A good call-to-action button can help drive prospective customers to call you, fill out a form to be added to your contacts database or learn more about your business. CTAs should be easy to locate on your page with a headline that is action oriented with a visually attractive button to click on.

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