Improving Local Google Search

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Improve local Google search for your Twin Cities business

Improve your local Minneapolis ranking on GoogleFirst of all improving your local Google search takes work.  If you want your business to appear in Google for people who live in your neighborhood or city read on.

  • It’s critical for any business to be found when people search for businesses near their location via desktop computers, tablets or mobile devices.
  • For example, you’ll probably see local results if you search for “Pizza Restaurants” from your online device. Google will try to show you that type of restaurant near by.
  • In this image Google uses local results to suggest three Pizza restaurants near my location.

Improve your business info to be found on Google

Can’t find your business via Google in your area? To help web customers find your local Twin Cities business first you must sign up for Google My Business. Then make sure you complete all your business information, so it’s easy for Google to match the search results.

Above all make sure customers know where you are located, what you do, and how to contact your business.

Provide your physical address, phone number, category, and business description. Certainly keep all this information updated as things change, like your business hours.

Ask happy customers for Google Reviews!

Google reviews are golden for businesses!  Customers can help your Google ranking by adding their reviews. Make sure to respond to any Google reviews you get. This helps show your customers that you value their feedback.

Good reviews from your customers will improve your business’s ranking and increase the chance a customer will want to do business with you.

To do: Create web links to Yelp, Google or Trip Advisor to make it easy for customers to add their reviews about your business. You can also embed or share positive Google Reviews on your website.

Google review counts are factored into local search ranking: more reviews and positive ratings will improve local ranking

Here’s an example image of Google Reviews for Pizzeria Lola in Minneapolis

Local Google Search: Google Reviews Example

Make sure to add relevant photos of your business or service

Adding photos to your Google Business listings helps customers see your goods or services. Having high quality professional looking photos that reflect your business is really important. As a result photos tell your story and engage the customers.

Local Google Search = Relevance, Distance, and Prominence

Google determines local ranking based on your businesses relevance, distant and prominence based on the keywords they search for. Google’s goal is to give users the best match for their search. Hence, local listing match what someone is searching for.

Therefore, it’s important to add complete and detailed business information.  The better information you provide Google the more likely your business will be visible on Google.

Tip: Try and match your listing to relevant searches.

Your position in web results is also a factor, so SEO best practices also apply to local search optimization. Make sure your website is optimized. Read my blog: SEO Help in 3 steps for Small Businesses

A better local Google search ranking is doable

In conclusion a detailed, accurate and updated listing with a website that is fully optimized (SEO) for Google search will gain visibility, ranking and prominence.

Gasman Design’s SEO help for local Twin Cities business

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