Four Ways to Improve your websites SEO Rankings

Gasman Design can Improve your website's SEO

Follow these four suggestions to improve SEO rankings and watch your website rise closer to the top of Google, Yahoo & Bing search-engine results.

1. Publishing relevant informational is the best way to improve SEO rankings Content is king!
This is the best advice I have for my clients to improve their search engine rankings.  Great quality content created specifically for your industry or web user will increase your site traffic, which in turn improves your site’s relevance against your competition.

2. Add keyword phrase for each page. Ask yourself what would my customers or readers search for or want to know about your business or industry? Then, add your keyword phrase and repeat this phrase throughout the page. Use an online SEO tool like the free MOZ “Find perfect keywords for your site“.

Don’t forget to use headings like H1, H2, bold, italics, tags to highlight keyword phrases, but don’t overdo it. Highlighting the keywords will help improve SEO rankings.
Also, add links to other relevant pages on your website or to other informational websites. Here’s a post from dummies on how to write keyword phrases for search engines: “How to choose effective keyword phrases for search engines“.

3. Write fresh, original content and post it regularly.
Don’t fall for SEO only companies and waste your money! If anything spend your money on a good writer or copywriter that can help you write great content. Regularly updated content helps your website’s relevancy, so be sure to keep it fresh.


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4. How to use alt tags to improve SEO rankings on your website with images or videos.
Include images and videos whenever possible to all of your website pages. Then add photo captions or describe your photos or videos using alt tags, or alternative text descriptions. These allow search engines like Google to locate your pages, index your photos and videos and helps user with text-only browsers.

Search Engine Optimization Video from Google Webmasters
The video talks about basics of search engine optimization (SEO). Called SEO for startups in under 10 minutes

Try these easy four steps for improving your search engine ranking (SEO) and watch your rankings improve.

Read more web design and SEO advice from Google Search Console Help page—a great reference for understanding your Google rankings, site stats and how to improve your search rankings.

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