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Nine eCommerce Web Design Tips from Gasman Design in Minneapolis, MN

1) Ecommerce web design & writing is so important: Set a tone or voice for your products with creative headlines, taglines, images or videos. Show off your brand and why they should or need to buy your product.

2) Add a Value Proposition: Why should customers buy from you when they could buy from the competition like: Best Buy, Target or Amazon?

3) Your messaging is so important: What exactly are you selling? If a customer can’t figure it out in a few seconds, they are likely to leave.

Web Writing & Design

4) Content is King: Write detailed product descriptions which are an important part of your eCommerce site. Give as many details as you can about your product your selling online. It could even be a simple bullet list of features.

5) Professional product photos: Your products need to look professional, clean, well light and sized appropriately. If you need to find a professional photographer in Minneapolis I can help you find one.

6) Web Design Matters: If the website doesn’t look trustworthy no one will buy your products online. My suggestion is to hire a professional website developer to help you with design even if your using an eCommerce builder like or

7) Create hierarchy with effective web design. Think about what you really want the web users or potential customers to read and click on.

Target Your Audience & Convert Online Sales

8) Research your potential customers: Figure out the best way to market to them online. Once you connect with your potential customers effectively communicate your message and value proposition to convert your leads into sales.

9) You want your customers or web users to have a good experience on your eCommerce site. It sounds simple, but without a nice blend of engaging images, content/messaging and easy checkout process new and returning visitors with be turned off and leave your website. New customers will often want to engage with your brand message to see if it aligns with their own personality, telling your story will help build their trust and credibility.

Ecommerce Web Design Help in Minneapolis – The Best eCommerce Platform‎

Gasman Design located in Minneapolis builds professional quality eCommerce websites in the most popular platform called WooCommerce. We help your online business grow. Please view our portfolio & case studies to learn more about our design & digital marketing services.

If you’re looking to do a brand redesign or new logo Gasman Design can help you with this. Corey Gasman is a seasoned designer with over 20 years experience in the Twin Cities and Minneapolis Metro area.