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Question: How does SEO work?

A lot of small business or startups seem to be confused about Search Engine Optimization known as SEO.

First of all – Search Engine Optimization refers to a way to achieve better rankings for your website in organic search results based on the content you have on your site. Therefore it is imperative to have good content above all else!

What is Organic Search?

  • Organic search is when a person goes to Google, Yahoo or Bing and types in words to find information on the web.
  • So the goal for gaining organic traffic from search engine results is earned by unique content and keywords.
  • Finally Organic search results, appear as a ranked list based on the relevance of the web users search terms.

Google First Page Rankings

All SEO experts agree it is especially important to try and get your business listed on the first page of Google or other search engines because Google first page results get over 90% of organic Google traffic. Noteworthy: Most web users don’t bother going to the second page of Google listings.

WARNING: If an SEO company approaches you and offers you Google First Page Rankings I would stir clear of them. They can not guarantee this and since they have zero control over the Google rankings how can they guarantee a page 1 ranking?

Improving Organic Search Rankings on Google

There is no “secret sauce” or quick solution to gain first page rankings. To make your website more visible to people who are using search engines looking for your product or services you need to have the most relevant content based on the search terms. So, before hiring a so called “SEO expert” I would work on writing great content.  Writing unique, high-quality content that gives your visitors information or answers about your business is vital. In addition, if you really want to get on top of a Google search result you might want to consider a Google AdWords campaign (PPC).

What is Paid Search or Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?

Paid search means you create an ad with selected keywords within Google AdWords.  Google results will show sponsored or paid listings at the very top of their results. Each time your ad is clicked on you pay Google a set amount. So you only pay when the person clicks on your Google ad. Tip: Google has AdWord Specialists who can help you set up your ads. Consequently, there is no reason to pay an SEO expert to do this for your business. 

SEO Help in Minneapolis – Example of SEO paid ads with Google AdWords.
Example of SEO paid ads with Google AdWords.

Why is SEO so important?

Each year Google has trillions of search queries. If your website is not indexed on Google, you’ll miss out on hundreds of opportunities in which someone might have found your website, read your content and hopefully engaged in your businesses. Therefore, if you don’t show up in a Google search no one will find your online business.

The key to SEO is content: Your website content should be written for your visitors, not just for search engines. Hence, the best advice I can give is become an expert in your industry and share your knowledge.

Other ways to improve your Organic Search Rankings

  1. Identify Your Target Keywords
  2. Optimize the content on each page of your website
  3. Come up with a yearly content strategy to keep your site fresh
  4. Use Social Media accounts to engage your followers
  5. Create an e-mail marketing strategy to communicate with customers/clients
  6. Go to where your customers are and promote your business

In conclusion, before you hire a local SEO expert who is promising the moon, do yourself a favor and read up on SEO and how it works. Furthermore, don’t forget writing great content is the best way to gain Google rankings.

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