Website Design – How to Write the Perfect Call to Action

Website Call To Action

One of the best ways to meet your website goals is to create an engaging Call to Action (CTA) on your homepage.

First, what is a Call to Action on a website?

A call to action is a marketing term designed to prompt an immediate response from the web user.  A CTA most often refers to a catchy headline on the homepage which compels the user to act in a specific way. For example fill out a web form, sign up for a newsletter, learn more, click on a button or make a purchase.

call to action is a phrase that encourages the reader to take a specific action.

Why Your Website Needs a Strong Call To Action

If you’re trying to drive new business using a website make sure your telling them what to do. In addition, give them reasons why they should do it.

Two Great Examples of a Call to Action on a website homepage

The new HBO Max website is trying to get users to sign up for their services by stating “Enjoy 7 days free, then $14.99/month” with a big button and call to actions to “Start Your Free Trial”. In this example notice how little they show or tell on the homepage. It’s a logo with tagline and the CTA. Nothing to distract the user from their goal of signing up new subscribers.

HBO Max Call to Action Example

In this example HBO is guiding the web visitors through the buying journey using a very short and simple Call to Action. Furthermore, it’s giving the visitor a reason to sign up with their “7 days free” offer.

Apple keeps their call to action very short and gives the audience a reason why they should either “Learn More” or “Buy”.

The reason in their CTA: “Lots to Love” and the why is: “Less to Spend”.

Apple Call to Action Web Example

Four Tips on how to write and design an effective Call to Action

  1. Web Design: If you want someone to click on the CTA it needs to be eye-catching, easy to read and big enough to be noticed.
  2. Write Actionable Copy: Example: A “Get Started” button which helps catch people’s attention.
  3. State Your Value Proposition: Give the visitor a reason to click on your CTA.
  4.  Make the Message Clear:  What benefit does the visitor get when they act.

In Conclusion

Adding a Call to Action to your website is one of the best tools for achieving your website goals and objectives.

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